Rafael Jewelry is designed and produced by the jewelry designer Rafael Saadia, the Company’s founder and owner.

Rafael, who has a stellar thirty-year reputation in jewelry design and production, began his work in the early 1970s, and today is considered an unrivaled designer in Israel’s silver, gold and precious stone jewelry industry.

As a jewelry designer Rafael continues a long tradition of jewelry design in ancient Yemenite style, which began in his family generations ago, when his ancestors worked as jewelry craftsmen for the royal family of Yemen.

Today Rafael combines this special style with modern contemporary designs, in periodically changing collections which reflect the latest trends in the fashion and jewelry market.

As a result, the production process yields artistic, seamless, and uniquely beautiful jewelry that combines ancient Yemenite style with modern innovative design. This is the basis of the special new line in Rafael’s designer collection.

Rafael Jewelry pieces are designed as unique ideas with an emphasis on contemporary modern style, but the wide variety of pieces are available in an array of styles, which also includes traditional artwork and Judaica jewelry. The wide variety of jewelry and the assortment of styles are perfect for any customer seeking highly personalized design, including men and women of different ages, businesses, and private individuals. Every piece is hand-crafted at an extremely high level of quality and finish.

Among our different styles one can find jewelry which combines gold or silver with ancient Roman glass from 2,000 years ago. The Roman glass is taken directly from archaeological excavations carried out in Israel, from sites from the Roman rule in the Holy Land over 2,000 years ago. The glass is authentic, high quality, and of historic value.

Among the array of designs one can also find gold or silver jewelry set with authentic Eilat stones, found mostly in quarries located in Israel’s southernmost city, Eilat. The stone is authentic, one-of-a-kind, shines with spectacular colors, and is of the highest quality. There are also various gemstones set in jewelry in each of the designer collection.

Today Rafael’s son, Maor, continues the family tradition of artisan jewelry production and marketing, and works in partnership with his father Rafael as a fifth generation jewelry craftsman. Rafael Jewelry is located in the Holy City of Jerusalem. An abundance of Rafael’s designs can be found there and in other historical and heritage sites in Israel, as well as in fashion and design exhibitions around the world.