14K Gold Filigree Eilat Stone Teardrop Heart Earrings

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36mm / Inch: 1.4″ x 18mm / Inch: 0.7″

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Magnificent dangling 14K Gold earrings set with shining natural Eilat stone as the jewel’s focal points.

The Eilat stone are surrounded by delicate filigree work, created in the traditional Yemenite filigree style, which has been practiced in the artist’s family for generations.

The natural Eilat stone is characterized by shades of blue and green created by the copper minerals embedded within the original rock.

As such, no two stones are the same – the stone’s colors and patterns vary depending on the particular stone used and the way it was excavated.

Set within the filigree design is a beautiful heart shape that symbolizes warmth and love.

This unique and stylish piece makes a wonderful addition to any woman’s jewelry collection and will be cherished for many years to come.

The jewelry will be packed in a gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The colors of the Eilat store may differ slightly from the photo, because it’s a naturally mined stone, Since no two stones are identical in their mineral composites, no two stones are exactly alike.

Length: 36mm / Inch: 1.4″

Width: 18mm / Inch: 0.7″

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